Cheek Filler 1.0ml – 40 minutes

Chiseled cheek and jawline define your contour

When we age we, unfortunately, lose volume/lift in our cheeks that causes them to drop and sag, distorting the nasolabial folds that corner the nose and mouth, and our commissure folds that sit just below the corners of our mouths. And, lastly, our jowls sag below our jawline creating a significant difference in our appearance and face shape. We lose the youthful triangular shape we had in our youth for a more square face.

Want to look flawless without makeup? Jaw fillers are used to create a chiseled jawline, helping to reduce a double chin.

Our treatments ensure the contour of your cheek and jawline finds its earlier defined look, filling them out once again.





12 to 18 months




40 minutes





Frequently Asked Questions

What should be taken into consideration after cheek filler?2024-02-21T11:29:37+00:00

For the initial 4 hours, avoid lying face down. In the first 24 hours, refrain from rubbing or massaging the face, plucking eyebrows, dyeing hair, and applying makeup. Hot baths and showers should be avoided, along with direct exposure to intense sunlight, as these can lead to facial redness on the first day.

How permanent is cheek filler?2024-02-21T11:28:30+00:00

The durability of hyaluronic acid fillers ranges from 9 to 18 months, though in rare cases, they may last for shorter or longer durations. These fillers are not permanent. If there is a significant volume deficiency in the cheek area, it might necessitate the use of a larger quantity of filler.

Is cheek filler dangerous?2024-02-21T11:27:15+00:00
This cosmetic technique is non-invasive and entails the professional administration of dermal fillers to and around the cheekbones by a skilled esthetician. Typically, the substance injected is well-tolerated by the body without adverse effects.
Does cheek filler lift the face?2024-02-21T11:26:27+00:00

The filler treatment also provides a lifting effect, elevating the cheeks. Following the procedure, it smooths out depressions and wrinkles in the cheek area, enhancing the cheekbones to appear more prominent and fuller.

How many days after a cheek filler treatment should I return to daily skin care?2024-02-21T11:25:32+00:00
It is advisable to avoid any skin care treatments for at least one week following the filler injection. After the filler application, it’s important not to overlook the use of sunscreen and colorless products as recommended by a professional.
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