Cosmetical Injectables and Microblading by Emel Kucuk

Emel Kucuk is a highly experienced and sought-after cosmetic aesthetician with nearly a decade of experience behind her working locally and building long-lasting, personal friendships with her clients and offering follow-up care if and when required.

Botox Anti-Wrinkling Treatment

An effective treatment to reduce facial lines and wrinkles are botox injections – anti-wrinkle treatments which are a quick and convenient way to smooth out unwanted lines on the forehead, around the mouth and eyes, without any need for surgery! The final result is a reduction in the appearance of wrinkles, lines – in particular, creasing the aging of the upper face.

was £200 – now £160

was £230  – now £200

was £280  – now £250

Lip Filler by Emel Kucuk

Lip Filler

With so many dermal fillers on the market, we choose our products carefully to ensure optimum ethics and performance. We use products that contain substances similar to hyaluronic acid, a natural substance found in the body.

Dermal fillers can be injected into your lips and the area surrounding your mouth. Helping you increase the volume of your lips and pout.

was £180 – now £120

was £230  – now £180

Annual Microblading touch-up by Emel Kucuk


Microblading Eyebrow Enhancement uses a soft bristle-edged needle pen to etch pigmentation superficially into your skin, cultivating a long-lasting eyebrow effect that is identical to your natural eyebrows.

Guided by your brow line, we work by hand to cater this semi-permanent treatment according to the desired thickness and shade, giving a result that has dimension and authenticity.

Note that with traditional tattoo treatments, pigment is applied to the lower layers of the skin, which results in a permanent finish, whereas with Microblading enhancement, pigment is applied to the surface layers of the skin only.

£69 for existing clients

£150 for new clients

Ombre Brows

Also known as Powdered Brows, this semi-permanent treatment uses a special machine to apply pigment as a series of fine dots, producing full, well-defined brows with the density, shape and style desired.

Due to the nature of the method of application, this treatment is an excellent choice for sensitive skin, as it is suitable for all skin types, including oily and dry.

Ombre Brows will normally not require any top-ups until after 12-18 months, however, depending on factors such as sun exposure, skin type and lifestyle, the shading may last much longer.

Ombre Brow by Emel Kucuk

Cheek & Jawline Filler

When we age we, unfortunately, lose volume/lift in our cheeks that causes them to drop and sag, distorting the nasolabial folds that corner the nose and mouth, and our commissure folds that sit just below the corners of our mouths. And, lastly, our jowls sag below our jawline creating a significant difference to our appearance and face shape. We lose the youthful triangular shape we had in our youth for a more square face.

Want to look flawless without makeup? Jaw fillers are used to create a chiseled jawline, helping to reduce a double chin.

Our treatments ensure the contour of your cheek and jawline finds its earlier defined look, filling them out once again.

was £230 – now £180


For a quick fix to a small ridge or notch in your nose, and avoid surgery, injecting dermal filler into the face can create a smoother contour from the base – causing the nose to appear smaller.

People with a slight issue such as hooked, mild bumps, drooping nasal tips, crooked noses normally benefit most. Speak to our practitioners to ensure this is the correct treatment for you.

was £230 – now £180

“I had a non-surgical rhinoplasty with Emma. It was the first time I ever used fillers and Emma took the time to answer my questions and got an amazing result!”


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