• Private Consultation Emel Kucuk specialises in delivering bespoke & discreet services to those looking to enhance skin health, prevent the effects of ageing and find solutions for common skin problems. You are invited to a personal consultation where Emel will assess your individual features and desired outcome. Together, we will build a bespoke treatment plan aimed at achieving the best version of yourself, discuss the treatments and your concerns to achieve the best results. The £10 cost for the consultation will be discounted from your following treatment.
  • A more natural, balanced and youthful appearance, with an overall improvement to the structural proportion

    Chin Filler Chin Fillers are a common, non-surgical, treatment that offers a sharper, more defined jawline, a more or less angular or rounded chin, and overall improvement to the structural proportion of the face. By applying this procedure to a recessive, long or pointy chin, we can mask a prominent nose or highlight the cheekbones. After some initial swelling, which will normally go down within 3 days, a Chin Filler treatment results in a more natural, balanced and youthful appearance that can last for up to 1-2 years.
  • Refined jawline, alleviate teeth grinding or jaw tightness

    Masseter Botox involves a non-invasive approach where Botox is administered into the masseter muscle, located on the facial sides, which assists in chewing. Also referred to as jaw Botox, this method employs botulinum toxin to temporarily suppress nerve signals to the muscle, resulting in decreased activity. People opt for this treatment to attain a more refined jawline, alleviate teeth grinding or jaw tightness, and treat TMJ (temporomandibular joint) disorders. The results are not permanent, requiring periodic follow-up treatments to sustain the effects.


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