• Microblading Eyebrow Enhancement uses a soft bristle-edged needle pen to etch pigmentation superficially into your skin, cultivating a long-lasting eyebrow effect that is identical to your natural eyebrows. Guided by your brow line, we work by hand to cater this semi-permanent treatment according to the desired thickness and shade, giving a result that has dimension and authenticity. Note that with traditional tattoo treatments, pigment is applied to the lower layers of the skin, which results in a permanent finish, whereas with Microblading enhancement, pigment is applied to the surface layers of the skin only.
  • For a bolder and more intense effect, Microblading-Shading combines techniques to give a semi-permanent result and a full, natural-looking brow. While Microblading mimics the look of hairs along the browline with strokes of pigment into your skin’s upper layers, Microshading utilises a stippling method of pigment application that combats the possibility of any weaker areas with a lush, even finish. Typically, there is some redness after any treatment of this kind, but our recovery techniques ensure that any discomfort is minimised and that the healing process is fast.


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