Does the Microblading application hurt?

The sensation of Microblading is often likened to a minor stinging in the treated area. The level of discomfort experienced is generally low, but it can differ based on the individual's tolerance for pain and the skill level of the esthetician. For those with a lower threshold for pain, the area targeted for treatment can [...]

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How long does Microblading last?

The durability of microblading varies from person to person due to the unique characteristics of each individual's skin. Typically, the effects last between 1 to 2 years, but this timeframe can be influenced by several factors, including the specific area treated, the tools and pigments used, and the techniques applied. Despite identical conditions and procedures, [...]

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Will there be a colour change afterward Microblading?

To prevent unsatisfactory outcomes, it's crucial to use high-quality products that match your skin type. Using the appropriate products at the correct temperature and color for your skin ensures there will be no alteration in color post-application. Making the right choice heavily relies on the expertise and experience of the professional conducting the procedure.

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How should post-Microblading care be?

The initial 24 hours following a Microblading session are crucial. It's important to keep the eyebrows dry and refrain from applying makeup. In the week after the procedure, experiencing some itchiness and the formation of crusts on the eyebrows is typical and indicative of the healing process. It's vital to resist scratching and avoid removing [...]

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Can I take a bath after Microblading treatment?

The treated area should not be exposed to water for the initial 24 hours. Once this period has passed, you may generously apply Vaseline to the area before showering.

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