What is Botox?

This substance is a toxin derived from the bacterium known as Clostridium botulinum. Its production process is similar to that of many antibiotics.

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Does Botox cause paralysis?

No. Botox temporarily limits the activity of the muscles where it's injected. It does not lead to a loss of sensation.

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Can Botox result in a frozen-looking facial expression?

The outcome is significantly influenced by the skill of the practitioner. Botox is a secure, low-risk, and effective treatment that can be precisely administered, offering an alternative to certain surgical procedures. The extent to which muscle movement is reduced also varies based on the patient's preferences.

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Can Eyebrows Be Lifted with Botox?

Yes, a slight lift of the eyebrows can be achieved by administering the correct dosage of medication to specific points.

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How permanent is Botox?

Following the Botox treatment, you won't require another session for about 4-6 months. Nonetheless, a follow-up treatment may be necessary after 6 months. With subsequent treatments, the duration between Botox sessions can extend from 6 months to several months longer.

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